2003 saw an agreement completed between the Province of Alberta and the Bow River Chapter of TUC to protect Janzen’s Island as an important natural habitat. The island is located on the Bow River, south of Carsland. The Bow River Chapter is proud to be guardians of the property and to protect the ec
osystem of the island going forward. To reflect this
commitment the name was changed to Legacy Island. Public access is maintained with an upgraded road and parking area. The original boat access to the Bow River is also maintained.


The 2013 Bow River flood had a devastating impact to Legacy Island. Trees were uprooted, gravel moved and the road access and parking destroyed. The Bow River Chapter fulfilled its lease agreement mandate and spent in excess of $45,000 to restore.

AlthouBRC14gh we do not expect to experience a flood of the 2013 magnitude in the foreseeable future, Bow River Chapter is establishing a contingency fund to offset future mitigation costs.