redd count2Redd’s are the gravel nests that brown trout, like other trout, make and then spawn on top of. Brown trout spawn in these redds in the fall and then the eggs incubate until the spring when they hatch. Redd sites are extremely sensitive areas and redd surveys allow for the observation and enumeration of redds without causing harm or damaging redds.

While redd surveys for brown trout are frequently conducted in the Elbow River by the Calgary River Valleys, redd surveys occur much less frequently in the Bow River. The Bow River Chapter of TUC is organizing brown trout redd surveys on the Bow River and are looking for volunteers!


Surveys will be conducted on November 7 and 8 (Saturday and Sunday). Due to the size of the boats, only 15 volunteers can join us per day so sign up early! A link to sign up will be post in the mid October.