The Bow RiHPIM0968ver Chapter of Trout Unlimited Canada (BRC) will begin conducting fish habitat assessment and rainbow trout spawning (redd) survey on Fish Creek within Fish Creek Provincial Park. The project arises from a long term project being pursued by BRC, to enhance the quality of trout habitat along tributaries of the Bow River. The objective of this project is twofold; to determine whether Fish Creek is currently being utilized as spawning habitat by rainbow trout, and whether there is an opportunity to enhance the quality of that habitat.

The first step of the project is to conduct a survey of the portion of Fish Creek within Fish Creek Provincial Park, identifying the quality of the stream as trout habitat, and determining whether there are likely spawning locations.

In the spring of 2016, redd surveys will be conducted to identify and enumerate rainbow trout redds, if present. This will involve a visual survey only (no sample collection).