The Bow River Chapter needs Volunteers

BRC has a variety of volunteer positions that can support the Chapter’s activities in the Bow River Basin

fish rescue

Fish Rescue

Board Director – The overall direction that the Chapter takes, whether this is policy or long term project selection, is determined by the Board of Directors. We have several Director positions that are currently vacant, Treasurer and Communications. BRC is actively seeking volunteers to fill those positions. We are also able to have Directors without specific portfolios, whose opinions around the table help us keep on track and lighten the workload for everybody.

The Board meets about once a month.

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Brown Trout Spawning Survey

Project Committee – The project committee plans and organizes field activities, submission of permit applications, ensures adequate volunteer participation is assembled to complete projects. Projects are identified by the committee, and submitted to the BRC Board for approval.



Tree Wrapping Cottonwoods Against Beaver Damage

Volunteer – There is also an ongoing need for one-time volunteers to come out for a day or weekend to participate in specific projects. These projects are seasonal, usually in-stream and riparian habitat restoration or conservation. Our projects usually start in April and run until November each year.

The Bow River Chapter is focused on keeping our activities vital and relevant from year-to-year.

The more support and involvement we have from our members, the easier it will be to achieve our goals.

Your assistance will be welcome

Contact Rick Moses at:

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