The BoBRC10w River flows from Bow Lake in Banff National Park and through the beautifulCanadian Rockies before cutting through the city of Calgary, and continuing its journey toward the Canadian Prairies. The Bow River Basin offers a myriad of fishing opportunities as it changes character on its journey from a freestone river in the wilds of Banff National Park to a somewhat tamer tailwater upon passing through Calgary.

The Bow River Chapter focuses on the Bow River from the Bearspaw Dam, which is just above Calgary, to the confluence with the Oldman River. The Chapter also closely monitors activities within the Bow River Basin that will impact the fishery.

The City oPCS9f Calgary Reach: The Chapter’s primary activities in this section are advocacy for protection of the fishery and access to the river.

The primary issues affecting this section are:

  • The city’s development projects & stream bank stabilization

  • Elbow River and Fish Creek stream flows

Calga10553460_916812041668250_555023257839373984_nry to Carseland Weir Reach: This “Blue Ribbon Fishery” needs protection from the ever increasing development and recreation needs of a rapidly growing city. In cooperation with stewardship partnership, BRC advocates for the protection of the natural environment.

This section is also affected by:

  • Acreage development

  • Grazing practices and Loss of cottonwood trees

  • Irrigation needs of agriculture